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What happens after UK leaves the EU?

Like many of our loyal customers that are based in the UK, Unisport has been following the Brexit negotiations closely. At this current time, the precise outcome is unclear.


But regardless of the outcome, Unisport will continue to serve our UK customers. Depending on the outcome, it will have various degrees of impact on pricing and delivery.


A deal is agreed: Should the UK and EU agree on a deal before the 29-03-2019, an update will be posted with the outcome.  


Negotiations are extended: Should the UK and EU decide to extend the negotiations, no changes will happen until the new deadline.


No deal is agreed: Should the UK and EU fail to agree on a deal, and not decide to extend the negotiations, the UK will leave the EU on 29-03-2019. This may mean that customers in the UK, would be handled on equal terms with all existing non-EU customers.

  • Shipping price of (at least) 25 euro.
  • VAT is deducted during checkout.
  • Delivery will be at least one week*
  • Custom fees may be required locally, to be handled by the recipient.


*Please note that delivery times to the UK are expected to be extraordinary, immediately after a no-deal scenario. The longer delivery time is to be expected, due to customs handling.

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