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How to care for you gloves?

Like with your boots, you should take good care of your gloves. It will improve their abilities and extend the lifespan. 


What you should do after every use:

  • First rinse them i cold water, to remove any excess dirt and grass. 
  • Secondly you could use a glove wash, to remove any remaining dirt. 
  • Third is to dry your gloves. this is a twos step process. First wrap your gloves in a towel, and push gently to remove moisture. Finally you should leave the gloves at room temperature to dry. 


What you should never do:

  • Machine wash your gloves: machine washing your gloves will expose the latex to detergents, that will most certainly ruin the stickiness of your latex. Also you will experience you gloves lifespan to be shortened considerably.
  • Drying you gloves on a radiator or in a heating cupboard - this will at some point cause your latex to crack up. 
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