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What glove to pick?

Picking a goalkeeper glove used to be a one-cut choice - the old classic flat cut. Nowadays you have a variety of different cuts to choose between. In this article we will go trough the most common cuts. 


The classic cuts

Flat cut

  • Stitches on the outside
  • Loose fit
  • Most popular cut for finger protection
  • Worn by: Gianluigi Buffon & Hugo Lloris

 Negative cut

  • Stitches on the inside
  • Tight fit
  • Worn by: Manuel Neuer, Petr Cech & Iker Casillas

Rollfinger cut

  • Known as GunCut by Nike & PUMA, for adidas it's Fingertip
  • Rolled fingers
  • Semi tight fit
  • Lots of latex contact on the ball
  • Shock absorbing
  • Bulkier fit (for some)
  • Worn by: Marc-Andre ter Stegen & Claudio Bravo


The modern cuts

Wide cut

  • Modified flat cut
  • More latex on the fingers to provide wider catching surface
  • Worn by: Lukasz Fabianski

Hybrid cut

  • Combines different cuts on a single glove, eg. two flatcut and two rollfingers.
  • Worn by: Joe Hart & Thibaut Courtois

Negative Roll cut

  • A mix of negative cut and rollfinger cut. 
  • Latex wraps further on the side of the fingers, compared to Rollfinger
  • Tight and snug fit.
  • 'Worn by: Samir Handanovic, Ron-Robert Zieler & Geronimo Rulli


The above mentioned list of cuts, is only listing the most popular cuts. Brand may have different names for each cut, so it can be confusing to pick the right glove. But do please note this: there is no perfect glove, only the perfect glove for you. What matters is your personal preference. 

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