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What are my return rights?

You have 30 days full right of return on all items bought on

Products that have been personalised with printing either on the back or front (including sleeve patches) and footwear/gloves with embroidery/printing can not be exchanged or returned.

We receive all items with no printing or embroidery, and it is therefore considered a personalisation of a product as soon as it is being printed or embroidered. The right to return is lost as soon as Unisport A/S starts printing or embroidering a product in order to meet the specific needs of a customer; see the Danish consumer agreement law §18, part 3.

Regarding printing on shirts, the drop down bar, when ordering, should only be regarded as a guide to which numbers and names the specific players will be wearing. For a lot of the shirts we can offer the very original printing. If this is the case the player's name will be marked (Original). If we offer "own print" with original printing, "own print" will be marked (Original). To avoid any doubt, we emphasise that, if the name is NOT marked (Original), the print that will be applied will be a standard print which is not similar to the original print.

Please note that printing for players can be changed before the beginning of a season or a tournament. Therefore, there is no guarantee that a print we offer will be used by a club or national team before the official players and printing lists are handed to the football associations.

You will lose your right to return if breaking the seal on items, that due to health or hygienic reasons is unsuitable for return. This is the case for items such as energy bars, protein powder and etc.


Go here to see how you use your right to return.

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