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A-B-C guide to choosing boot

There is no golden rule regarding which boot is best for a given position or situation. It is more important to find the boot that suits your personal needs, regardless of whether it is considered to be a defender, midfielder or winger/striker boot.

We have created a guide to choose the right football boots, which can hopefully give you some useful input in relation to your selection of boots.

Also, we do our own video reviews on the most important new boots, and our YouTube channel can be a great help also in relation to picking the right boot.

It is very important to consider what surface you will be wearing the boots on. Are you playing on natural grass, artificial/hybrid grass, indoor or something else.

Please note that different stud configurations are created to match the different types of surfaces. It is very important that you do not use FG boots on artificial/hybrid grass, since you will lose your warranty, also it may increase the risk on injury.


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