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What size should I go for with my new boots?

When you are deciding on a brand new pair of football boots it can be difficult to figure out what size is right for you.

It is always a good idea to consider the size that you are currently wearing, since most boots will more or less be 'true to size'. However there are changes in relation to size when changing from some boots to others.

The fit of the boot depends a lot on the last that the boot has been built on. For example, the Mercurial series from Nike is rather slim, since it is built on a very slim last; whereas a boot like the adidas Copa Mundial is a very wide boot, since it is built on a wide last.

We do our own video reviews on the most important new boots, and our YouTube channel can be a great help also in relation to picking the right boot and getting the size right. Also, if you are able to try out the boot in a local store that is definitely a good way to be sure to get the size right. And then you of course come back to our site and place your order afterwards.

If you need to convert sizes from EU/UK/US etcetera, it is a very good idea to visit the website of the brand of boot that you are interested in. The different brands manage sizes slightly differently, and it is a good idea to look into the brands own size guides:

Nike: Nike size chart

adidas: adidas size chart

PUMA: PUMA size chart

New Balance: NB size chart


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